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A Lincolnton couple have revamped the former Downtown Dairy Treats ice cream shop putting the focus on ice cream and their “over the top” milkshakes. Joshua and Dawn Ruiz are not new to ice cream. They’ve owned and operated ice cream trucks in the past. This is their first brick and mortar store. 

“We had known for a long time that we wanted to open a storefront in Lincolnton,” said Joshua Ruiz who is a graduate of Lincolnton High School. “Once things started to calm down due to COVID, we started to look for opportunities. We noticed one day when we drove by this shop that it was empty. We reached out to the former owner and asked if they planned to reopen. They told us that they weren’t able to recover due to COVID, so it opened the door for us.”

In place of the games are tables where patrons who visit “Scoops by the Square” can sit and enjoy their ice cream. 

“One of the biggest things that we wanted to shy away from is copying someone else’s theme,” Ruiz said. “We wanted something simple where people could come in, grab a scoop of ice cream and have a conversation. I think in this day and age, a lot of our electronics take our attention away from regular conversations. It’s good to have somewhere to come in and not be distracted by a bunch of technology or games and sit down and have a conversation over ice cream. It’s funny how milkshakes and ice cream spark up nostalgia. We wanted to offer something different.”

Scoops by the Square is offering a scrumptious variety of “over the top” milkshakes such as the “Ltown Mud” which is a chocolate lovers’ dream. It starts with the mason jar rim coated in chocolate icing and brown sprinkles; chocolate sauce is drizzled in the mug before a chocolate milkshake is added along with a scoop of chocolate ice cream. It’s then topped with whipped cream, served with two chocolate cookie straws, two Kit Kats, chocolate sprinkles and drizzled with chocolate sauce. There’s also a “Split Happens in Lincolnton,” which is a play on a banana split. Other milkshakes include “Cake me Happy,” “So Very Sweet,” “Crazy Carmel Cow,” and “Knee Slapping Shortcake.” A different milkshake will be featured each month.

“We hope, if the Apple Festival happens this year, to offer an apple pie ala mode shake,” Ruiz said. “Customers can take the mason jars home with them. Instead of being made out of glass, they’re plastic so they’re safe.”

Scoops by the Square is now open and located at 212 North Aspen Street in Lincolnton. Hours are still being worked out, but Ruiz plans to be open every day of the week to take care of any ice cream cravings community members may experience. 

“I want ice cream on certain days, and I feel like everyone should be able to come and enjoy it,” he said. “Once school’s out, we’ll start opening a lot earlier and staying open a lot later. In the summertime we’ll be open until 10 at night. I love to go out and get ice cream late at night and I want people to be able to do the same.”

For more information, call (704) 276-9003 or visit the shop’s Facebook Page.

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