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Lincolnton City Council members voted at their most recently held meeting on Oct. 1 to not hold several of their annual holiday events which include the Christmas parade and tree lighting this year due to COVID-19. A decision on the Apple Drop will be made at a later date. The Lincolnton Downtown Development Association is still considering whether they’ll do carriage rides this year or not, according to Laura Morris, the city’s community relations director.

“Quite honestly, we’re having a difficult time seeing how we could actually host a large event such as a Christmas parade or even a Christmas tree lighting,” City Manager Steve Zickefoose said. “There’s no defined way that we can put that many people together and assure social distancing. It’s pretty straightforward with the ruling of 100 people per gathering, the way parades bring people in, I don’t see how we can accommodate that.”

Marching bands won’t even be able to be a part of something like that and they’re one of the highlights of the parade, Zickefoose added. 

Morris suggested that maybe they could do a tree lighting with no vendors present and perhaps some drive through events. She also added that in conjunction with the Lincolnton Parks and Recreation, she was looking at working on a way to do drive through trick or treating at First Federal Park.

“It’s a tragedy that in this small town we can’t do things to bring people together,” Mayor Pro Tem Dr. Martin Eaddy said. “It’s just a shame.”

Council members approved an amendment to the City of Lincolnton Public Art Ordinance wherein a public art permit and approval process was established. The City of Lincolnton Steering Committee was assigned as an advisory board of the city to provide guidance and recommendations to the city council on the approval of all public art considered for display in the downtown central business program area.

A presentation was made by Bradley and Brianna Rowe, doing business as Goober Inc. asking for approval for golf cart transportation rides within the City of Lincolnton. There will be an app for the service similar to Uber. The city council approved the request.

Members of the 2020-2021 Student Advisory Council were chosen. Meetings will be held at the Board of Education Administrative Offices. The following students were chosen:

East Lincoln High School

  • Bailee Harding                      
  • Trey Ross
  • Allie Middleswarth 
  • Joseph Dos Santos

West Lincoln High School

  • Gwyneth Reep 
  • Samuel Duncan 
  • Charles (Charlie) Wyant
  • Luke Stewart
  • Ashlynn Eurey
  • Genevieve Shutt
  • Chloe “Allyson” Scronce

Lincolnton High School

  • Cordin Schrum
  • Leah Tweed
  • Takirah Nichols
  • Ashley Antonio-Larios
  • Collin Clinch

North Lincoln High School

  • Madison File 
  • Xander Popko
  • Sydney Hudson
  • Aubrey Spicola
  • Peyton Lee

Lincoln Charter School

  • Mason Fitzpatrick 

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