Thanksgiving came early for elementary school students, their teachers and parents at the Lincolnton campus of Lincoln Charter School on Tuesday. The “Thanksgiving Feast” has been an annual tradition for elementary school students at the Lincolnton campus for almost as long as the school has been at that location. The meal was catered by Homeplace in Lincolnton and featured either ham or turkey with all the fixings including pumpkin pie. 

“We’re here to enjoy Thanksgiving and fellowship,” Melissa Peterman, the administrator for the Lincolnton Elementary school said. “This has been a great tradition here at the school.”

The students had a special visitor in N.C. Sen. Ted Alexander (R-Cleveland). They knew he was coming and many of them made homemade Thanksgiving cards for the senator. 

“I’m looking at all the kids and it’s really a wonderful thing to have the kids and their teachers come together to give thanks for the many blessings that we have here in this state and country,” he said. “I think it’s important to have events like this to engage those children so they have some understanding of the fact that we need to be thankful. What better way to do it than have them all get together and have a meal? I’m real excited to be here today.”

Early in the history of the Lincolnton campus, this meal wasn’t difficult to arrange, but as the campus has grown, Lincoln Charter Schools chief administrator Jonathan Bryant said that it’s become a bit more of a challenge to make it work, but it’s something that they continue to prioritize.

Not all of the children and their parents ate the meal catered by Homeplace. Some brought food from home or other restaurants to enjoy. The gym wasn’t big enough for all of the students to eat at one time, so they did so in grades.

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