Getting or staying healthy in the New Year has been made much easier by a joint effort between the Lincoln County Parks and Recreation, Lincoln County Health Department and the Lincoln County Partnership for Health. The “Get Healthy Lincoln County Map,” which is an interactive map, was recently launched both on-line and hard copy available at the Parks and Recreation Department, Lincoln County Health Department as well as at other county and city offices.

“We’ve been working on getting the map to this stage for about a year now,” Lincoln County Parks and Recreation director John Davis said. “Our department was looking to create a single resource that would feature all of the recreation facilities throughout the county.”

These amenities include county, city, school system, Carolina Thread Trails, YMCA facilities and farmer’s markets. The map incorporates pretty much anything that’s associated with recreation and a healthy lifestyle.

“The Get Healthy Lincoln County Map was born out of our Partnership for Health here in Lincoln County,” Davis said. “One of the ongoing goals of the Partnership for Health is to promote physical activity and a healthy lifestyle to our citizens. We wanted to have that one resource to be able to hand out to people.”

This map, which was designed and created by the staff with Mapping and GIS with the Lincoln County Tax Department, will be constantly evolving as new resources are added. For example, the Parks and Recreation Department is working on plans for a passive park at the new Lincoln County Library in the western side of the county. This facility will offer a multi-generational playground, walking trails with fitness stations and outdoor reading, picnic areas and other amenities. Any new facilities that the City of Lincolnton offers will be updated as well. 

The digital version of the map will be the most up-to-date version. It’s searchable, so if a community member or visitor the county is looking for something in particular, for example a walking trail, they can select that choice and the map will populate those facilities. It’ll also provide directions to the location.

“Eventually, there will be program information linked to the facility in the online map,” Davis said. “If you decide you’re going to go and visit, let’s say, Rock Springs Nature Preserve in Denver, you can pull up that information on the digital map and get directions. Once you’re at the park, there’ll be some information as far as what healthy activity you can do there. The digital map will be the end resource to find out what’s going on at the parks and other facilities.”

The digital version of the map can be accessed at Please note that the map will not work in older versions of Internet Explorer. For more information, contact the Parks and Recreational Department at (704) 748-1518.

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