There are those people who just love to decorate for the holidays. Faye Helms really loves decorating for the holidays and seasons. Her home on Reepsville Road, right where Startown Road meets Reepsville, near Carolina Hardware, has become quite an attraction for those who pass by. Helms and her husband, Don, have lived in this house since 2009.

“I just enjoy it,” Faye Helms said. “Season by season. I get so much pleasure out of doing it and even more from watching the reactions of the people when they drive by. I can meet them and not even know them and they say, ‘oh, you’re that lady who’s got that pretty yard.’”

The amount of decorating that Helms does on Independence Day, Valentine’s Day, Saint Patrick's Day, Easter, summer, fall and, of course, Christmas has grown over the years. She has her own highly organized “she-shed” to store all of her decorations.

Don Helms still works part-time as a mechanic for the City of Cherryville and Faye Helms is retired from the Timken Company. Don Helms likes to sit out on the front porch and wave to people as they drive by. Some even stop to get a better look at the tasteful decorations, many of them handmade by Faye.

Even though she’s organized, decorating for each holiday or season is not a quick process. It takes Helms several days to complete her adorning of the house and yard. The patriotic display will be up through next week and then Helms will start over with her late summer palate of embellishments.

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