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Sounds of children laughing could be heard in the Lincoln Cultural Center for the first time in several months. The “For the Love of Art” day camp wrapped up this first week of day camp offering children creative activities including art, music, theater, dance, yoga, movies, nature walk and of course, since school is in session, study time.

“Deanna (McGinnis) and I were sitting in the office one day trying to figure out how to make this building useful during the pandemic,” Cathy Davis, the executive director of the Lincoln Cultural Center said. “Obviously we can’t be open to groups of more than 25 under Phase 2.5. The gallery and museum can be open at half capacity. As far as other program, there really wasn’t anything that fell under those measures.”

Summer camps weren’t held this year through the Arts Council of Lincoln County because of restrictions, but once the Department of Health and Human Services put out a notice to organizations about the need for day camps during the school term due to hybrid learning, McGinnis and Davis decided to offer this camp.

“Both of us started to do our research with CDC guidelines and NCDHHS and came up with this plan,” Davis said. “We also wanted to make it affordable because most parents aren’t accustomed to having to pay childcare for school aged children. I’m not saying that children rely on schools for day care, but that’s how it works out. For two people to work in a household you have to have some form of childcare.”

The cost for the camp is $25 a day per child with a $5 discount for children of first responders, healthcare workers and educators. There’s no minimum number of days that a child has to attend. They can come as often as they want or as little as they want.

A wide range of instructors have been lined up to teach theater, dance, yoga and various forms of art. Except on Wednesdays, children should bring their own lunches. Snacks are provided.

“It’s so good to hear noise here,” McGinnis said. “It’s been awful here the past few months.”

To reserve a spot, email or call (704) 240-4989. 

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