Downtown Lincolnton is becoming quite the cosmopolitan city with a brewery, tap room and fine dining establishments. While a lot of downtown residents have their own golf carts for transportation, there was a hole in transportation services which has been fulfilled by Bradley and Brianna Rowe. Last October, Lincolnton City Council approved the establishment of “Goober Ridez” which operates in a similar manner as Uber or other ride share service, but with environmentally friendly golf carts.

Bradley Rowe has been a bail bondsman for the past 10 years. He’s now working with Jason Munday in his private investigator firm located in Lincolnton. Brianna Rowe recently got her PI license as well. Their golf cart ride share business was started in Newton, but while spending time in Lincolnton, they realized that there was a need in this area as well.

“We just thought there would be a need in the community,” Brianna Rowe said. “It’s great for the elderly people as well as the younger ones. It took us a good six or seven months to get the golf cart remodeled and to get approval from the city.”

Of course, starting a business in the middle of a pandemic has its challenges but without a lot of overhead, the couple are slowly growing their service. They’ve opened an office for Goober Ridez and their private investigator business in a space over Treasures on Main on East Main Street in Lincolnton.

“We were hoping to get people out of their homes to do something since we’re all locked down,” Bradley Rowe said. “It’s a little chilly now, but we have heaters and an enclosure around the cart. Some people may think it’s too cold, but it’s really not. We’re going to start doing some food deliveries now. The breweries are also going to start doing beer deliveries. We can only deliver within the city limits so it’s a luxury for people in town.”

Once the City of Lincolnton is able to sponsor events like the Lincoln County Apple Festival, the Rowes plan to help shuttle people to help the city without charge. During the Christmas Crawl, they transported musicians from location to location.

“I’m also trying to get people who have never been to our beautiful town to come on out and enjoy it,” Bradley Rowe said. “The whole thing is to try to get the town back and moving. It’s doing great, but I think it can do much, much better.”

Rides on Goober Ridez are from $3 to $5 depending on the distance. For more information, visit

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