Purple is the primary color at Dallas Lavender Lane, an agritourism-based farm located just over the Lincoln County border in Dallas. After they purchased 40 acres in Dallas, Mark Newton and Tiffany Greene started to think about what they wanted to do with the property that would be agricultural in nature. 

“We weren’t sure whether we wanted to grow tomatoes, corn, hay or what,” Newton said. “I Googled farms that have plants that produce at least twice a year and lavender came up several times. We went to a lavender farm to see what it was like.”

The farm was near the Raleigh area, but very remote and it took them a while to find it. Newton and Greene arrived on a Sunday morning at 10:30 it was packed with people having a great time.

“We started to research lavender and discovered the medicinal purposes that it has,” Newton said. “There are edibles as well.”

Over the past few years, the couple have planted thousands of lavender plants. Not only is lavender beautiful to look at, it smells wonderful and provides food for bees. It can be used solely for decorative purposes, but the flowers and buds can be harvested to make lavender oil. The flowers and buds can also be dried and used in sachets or potpourri. One of the key benefits of lavender is its relaxing, soothing properties. Lavender essential oil can be used to relax sore muscles. A drop of lavender oil on the pillow can encourage a good night’s sleep or relieve a tension headache. 

Lavender oil can also relieve itching and swelling of insect bites and is a good treatment for minor burns, reducing inflammation or as a wound wash. It promotes healing. Lavender flowers can be used in tea blends and in lemonade.

For the time being, Newton and Greene are purchasing items made from lavender from other vendors, but in time, they hope to start making the products on their own. At this time, they have available for purchase bath and body products, dried lavender, baking mixes, honey, pink lavender lemonade and lavender cotton candy.

A herd of friendly goats and a couple of pot belly pigs meander throughout the farm. The animals don’t care to eat the lavender but do a good job of weeding around the plants. There’s a large playground set for children to play on and soon there’ll be a mini purple (of course) train up and running for rides around the farm. 

“This has been a blessing,” Newton said. “We’ve met a lot of nice people. We’ve had some people come by already and they’ve enjoyed themselves. With all that’s been going on lately, people are enjoying a chance to get outside and enjoy the farm.”

In time, Greene hopes to have home school events and art classes at the farm. Photographers can book the farm for sessions by appointment.

Dallas Lavender Lane will have a grand opening event on Saturday, June 6 from 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. and Sunday, June 7 from 9 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. The farm is located at 937 Old Willis School Road in Dallas. Products are available online through the farm’s Facebook page. For more information, call (704) 240-0906.

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