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The notion that “everything is better with ice cream” has been Lincolnton resident Chad Scott’s motto for the past three years. He’s currently starting up a new Lincolnton-based fun and games venture with the WOW Factor Party Pavilion as well as maintaining a professional wrestling gym.

“Downtown Dairy Treats has been an amazing project for us,” he said. “When I say ‘us’ I mean Lincolnton. It’s become a real staple in Lincolnton – bringing a destination spot the downtown area didn’t have before. It’s not my ice cream shop – it’s the community ice cream shop.”

Since opening the shop in 2016, Scott has franchised several additional locations and added two mobile ice cream trucks to the stationary shop in Lincolnton.

“We’ve been to just about every school in Lincoln County,” he said. “We’re well known in the community and are the go-to ice cream shop. If Lincolnton cordons off two streets and decides to sell something, we’re going to be there.”

The business is doing really well, but it’s always been Scott’s plan to sell the store as they developed the WOW Factor Party Pavilion and the professional wrestling venue.

“The WOW Factor came about because Kids Rock in Lincolnton closed last year,” he said. “Candee Masters, who owned Kids Rock and is a friend of mine, told me that I needed to open a party story because she wasn’t going to be able to keep her lease. So, I opened the WOW Factory Party Pavilion for two purposes, one to be the home of USA Main Event Wrestling and two, to be a party pavilion.”

The WOW Factor has been used for just about every type of party imaginable.

“Professional wrestling, parties and ice cream all go together,” Scott said. “The first thing that I learned when working in a restaurant is that you’ve got to be there. No matter how good the help is you hire, you set the tone for the store. That’s what I’m looking for in the next owner of Downtown Dairy Treats.”

Ideally, Scott would like the new owner to be someone local who knows the culture of Lincolnton and wants to become a part of the fabric of the community. Scott has already met with potential buyers, all from Lincoln County, and expects that within the next 10 days Downtown Dairy Treats will be in someone else’s hands.

A transplant to this area himself, Scott and his wife, Jamey, have grown to love it. They moved here in 2007, when Jamey was transferred to the Lincolnton Timken plant, staying through 2012 and then returning in 2016. Prior to opening Downtown Dairy Treats, Scott spent more than two decades in the nonprofit sector, much of it working in Haiti. 

“There are no sad people eating ice cream,” he said. “Steve Jobs said that if you want to make people happy, don’t be a leader, sell ice cream. I took that to heart, but I get to be both. I lead a great company and it’s done phenomenally well. I can’t wait to pass it (Downtown Dairy Treats) on and leave a legacy for downtown. I want it to be here forever.”

WOW Factor Party Pavilion is located at 634 Center Drive in Lincolnton. For more information, call (704) 530-9798.

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