The brewing equipment has been delivered and installed, the windows are in, the floors are getting finished, the bar is in place, the taps are even installed, and the logo’s been painted on the building. The grand opening, at least the part where everyone can be elbow to elbow drinking beer is still in the distance future due to current coronavirus restrictions on public gatherings. 

The first brews that co-founders John Brinsfield and Fritz Steckler anticipate making at BrickTree Brewing Co., which is to be opened in the former Eureka Manufacturing Company Cotton Mill downtown Lincolnton, are now slated to be launched before the brewery can open to the public.

“We’ve gotten a lot done,” Brinsfield said. “We’ll be firing up the brewing equipment soon. We’re waiting on the plumbers to come so we can get the water turned on to the system.”

Once the water’s turned on, the manufacturer of the brewing equipment, Deutsche Beverage Technology will then come and commission the equipment and run it through what’s called a passivation step which basically means they put a protective coating on the inside of the stainless steel.

“Once all that’s done, we’ll be able to brew our first batch,” he said. “We’re going to do a half batch first which will be our commemorative run to see how it turns out and make sure our measurements are working out. If not, we’ll make fine tuning adjustments and do it again.”

Given the current restrictions, the taproom will not be open to the public, but Brinsfield and Steckler will be invoking their contingency plan. They were initially going to start packaging beer and selling it to go six months after they opened, but in light of the current restrictions, they’re going to move that up. Initially, there’ll three beers available.

“We’ll have curbside service,” he said. “We’re working on logistics on delivery, how far out we’re actually going to go and things like that. Customers will be able to go online and pay for their order digitally so the sale will be contactless. After this is over, we’ll probably have what’ll be the biggest party of the year in Lincolnton and we’ll share that success with the whole industry. Right now, the hospitality industry’s really suffering. Once this is over, we anticipate a surge which will hopefully get us out from the red.”

BrickTree Brewing Co. is located at 414 East Water Street in Lincolnton. 

Caption –

BrickTree Brewing John Brinsfield stands near one of the brewing tanks which will be put in use soon.

ABOVE: The bar and taps are in place at BrickTree Brewing Co. in anticipation of what John Brinsfield will be the biggest party of the year in Lincolnton. BELOW: The original wooden floors of the venue space on the second floor of the former Eureka Manufacturing Company Cotton Mill downtown Lincolnton have been kept intact.

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