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Tucked away on the backside of the parking lot at Battleground Elementary School is an amazing creation completed by teachers and staff at the school. After schools were closed due to COVID-19, teachers started to look at other ways to incorporate learning for the entire school next year. 

“Ms. Tutherow came to me and said that she might try to do some parking lot paintings,” Principal Tracy Eley said. “She researched it and came up with the ideas and ran with it.”

Last year, there was a “paint day” at the school but most of the painting was done on the inside of the building on murals. 

“We also threw around ideas for the outside, but it wasn’t accomplished,” she said. “We had paint left over, and this ended up being a good time to do it.”

Tutherow made the stencils that were used for the paintings which took several weeks to complete. The paintings are all games for elementary school children to play during research. Games include “mirror me,” “twister,” a “follow me” track, Tic-Tac-Toe, “Dot and Boxes,” hopscotch and an obstacle course. Because the games are located in a parking lot, which isn’t being utilized, even if there had been recent rain, unlike with the playground which gets muddy, the children could still utilize the space. The games provide both mental and physical stimulation for the children.

Tanya Prater, Kathy Caldwell, Dawn Freeman, Scarlett Hoyle, Christie Tutherow, Reagan Heavner and Tracy Eley all worked on the project.  

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