Area children learned that decorating was way more than just sprinkles, as well as everything that they would ever need to know about baking cupcakes, at Cupcake Camp on Wednesday. This is the first time this type of summer camp has been offered by Arts Council of Lincoln County and it was a huge success, with 22 youngsters taking part. 

Taught by former Lincoln County Schools teachers Betsy Williams and Beth Wise, the purpose of the camp was to teach children some tips and ways of decorating cupcakes. In addition to decorating cupcakes and cookies, the campers learned how cupcakes are baked, including baking terminology and the various kitchen utensils that might be used in baking, colored and played games

We decided that wed hold the cupcake camp to share these skills,” Williams said. We had to turn away adults who wanted to take the camp.

Cupcakes and cookies were baked and donated by Marylins Sweet Addictions and Walmart donated additional cookies. Wise, who now is a cake decorator, supplied the different colored icing and decorating tips. There is certainly an art to beautifying cupcakes and the children did an excellent job decorating the seven cupcakes they were given. They were only allowed to eat one during the day, taking home six to enjoy later.

Betsy came up with the idea and asked if she went to Deanna (Williams-McGinnis) would I help,” Wise said. I told her Id do the decorating part if shed to the fill-in. She did the educational portion and I did the decorating. We taught together for years at Lincolnton Middle and today were teaching again.

Williams-McGinnis, the executive director of the arts council said that she planned to have more cupcake camps in the future.

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