Photography competition

Frank Nolen with his photograph titled To Infinity and Beyond 2019,” which won Best in Show at the Arts Council of Lincoln County's 2019 Amateur Photography Contest. 

The Lincoln County Arts Council announced the winners of the 2019 Amateur Photography Competition on Thursday night.

Lincoln County resident Frank Nolen took home the Best in Show prize for his photograph “To Infinity and Beyond 2019.” The photograph shows the Milky Way behind the Bodie Island lighthouse. The image was a 15-second exposure captured on a cold, early morning in March. Nolen also took first place in the plant life/landscape category with a photograph he took near Fort Fisher. All his competition entries were taken in North Carolina.

“It’s really unique place, beautiful location whether you’re shooting stars or whether you’re shooting any kind of landscapes,” Nolen said of the North Carolina coast.

Emma Bailey, 16, of Greensboro, won first place with “Selfie.” The image started as a Snapchat that Bailey didn’t think much of until her mother sent a screenshot of it to her grandmother, Erika Goodson. Goodson encouraged Bailey to enter the competition along with her. Goodson’s “Black and White” took took second place in the black and white category.

Bailey also photographs her pets, everyday life and dabbles in underwater photography.

“It’s a good way of expressing myself,” Bailey said. “I can capture moments and it helps me remember things more vividly. I just love it.”

Robert Webb left with three prizes, including first place in People with “Whatcom Park, Bellingham Park.” Webb described his image of two people relaxing on a fallen tree as a study of contrasts: male/female, light/dark, comfort/discomfort.

“It was one of those shots, you don’t really know you have it until you pull it up on a bigger screen,” Webb said.

Full list of winners:

Best of show, To Infinity and Beyond 2019, Frank Nolen

Plant life / Landscapes:

First Place, Carolina Court, Frank Nolen  

Second Place, Below the Dam, Judy Broesder

Third Place, Robert Webb, Rainbow Falls, NY

Honorable Mention, Robin Johnson, Peach-Less

Honorable Mention, Alice Green, Season Finale


First Place, Whatcom Park, Bellingham Park, Robert Webb

Second Place, Snowball Fights, Linda Yoder

Third Place, Pumpkin, Brad Micol

Honorable Mention, Native Musician, Jon Arrowwood

Animal Life:

First Place, Frog Swim, Eve Shaffer

Second Place, Swallow Bird, Amy Humphries

Third Place, Bumble Bee, Jenna Webb

Honorable Mention- Head out of Sand- Kristopher Goodman

Abstract / Special Effects:

First Place – Acutely Obtuse, JoJo Tucker

Second Place- Snow Globe-Joseph Permelia

Third Place, Peach Tree, Eve Shaffer


First Place, Kedneland Early Morning Gallop, Amy Humphries

Second Place, Black and White, Erika Goodson

Third Place, Rain Catcher, Kristopher Goodman

Honorable Mention- Sky High Fruit Farm Studebaker, Robert Webb

Black & White:

First Place, Double Stack, Carol King

Second Place,Yesterday, Louise Last

Third Place, Such Sights III, Kristopher Goodman

Honorable Mention, Fold over, Carol King


First Place, Selfie, Emma Bailey

Second Place, Cat, Sarah Garrison

Third Place, Gems, Asher Micol

Honorable Mention, Butterfly, Sarah Garrison

Honorable Mention, Memaw’s Garden, Meredith Mendenhall

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