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A bluegrass band with ties to Lincolnton will be returning to the Lincoln Cultural Center this Saturday. This concert, which has been held annually to honor Donald “Papa” Goodson, is scheduled this year to be held both seated and virtually. Only 100 tickets will be sold so social distancing can be maintained. The concert will also be held virtually.

Lifelong Lincolnton resident Scott Burgess who has been member of Deeper Shade of Blue since 2015, was friends with Papa Goodson. When Goodson passed away on April 13, 2015, he sang at his funeral. 

“Don supported local music, that was his big thing,” Burgess said. “It’s what we all should do. Even before this band, I’d been in two other groups before this one and whenever we’d play in the area, he’d be there. We really miss him. We need to keep that going, especially now. We had a very busy 2020 planned and unfortunately, the pandemic caused us to probably cancel 75-80% of the shows we booked. We’re losing shows for 2021 now. That’s why we’re excited about coming to the Cultural Center even though it’s with limited seating, but we’re going to have a livestream that people can buy and watch the show from the comfort of their homes.”

While the group has done some Facebook live shows, this is the first actual show that they’ve livestreamed. The beauty of livestreaming is that people from all over the country can view the show.

The group currently consists of Burgess who plays bass, mandolin player Jason Fraley, lead vocalist and guitar player Troy Pope, Dobro player Frank Poindexter and the newest member, banjo player Steve Wilson. Fraley is one of the original members of Deeper Shade of Blue. The night that Fraley was brought home from the hospital after being born, his father was having band rehearsal at his house. 

“Bluegrass has been a part of my life from day one,” he said. “I went to my first Bluegrass festival when I was seven days old.” 

He joined Deeper Shade of Blue, which was formed after the band his father was playing in had broken up.

“I was originally the lead guitar player, they had a different mandolin player, but he passed away, so I moved to mandolin” he said. “We had our first rehearsal in October 2000. In almost 21 years, I don’t think we’ve had a disagreement really. We all have the same mission and I think the biggest thing for us is that we’re the same off stage as we are on stage. We do it because we love it. We do like each other.”

The concert will be held this Saturday, March 20. There are some in person tickets left via, but seating is limited to 100. Temperatures will be taken, and face coverings are required to be worn. Tickets to livestream the concert can be purchased at In person tickets are $15, virtual are $20.

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