Wilbert Riley Mullins and Vicki Sue Moore Mullins are celebrating their 18th year of loving each other and their 13th year of matrimony. Although Vicki and Wil live in California they have bought a homesite in Catawba. The home is designed and the move is ready. Wil and Vicki spend their vacations in North Carolina preparing the future as a Tarheel, laying the foundation of home, family, work and enhancing the foundation of their promise of lifelong love to each other.

Wil and Vicki’s honeymoon was spent visiting vineyards and shopping. Last year the couple spent their anniversary touring North Carolina vineyards, reliving that part of their honeymoon.

Vicki has a Master in School Counseling and a Lifetime Teacher Certification. She has worked in her school district for the past 23 years. Vicki is an exceptional woman, tirelessly working within and giving to her community. Vicki’s jobs include Mentor Teacher, Department Head Counselor, Home Hospital Teacher, Master Scheduler, Graduation Ceremony Administrator, Counselor Teacher and as a young woman she was an International Airline Stewardess.

Wil has a Juris Doctorate Degree in Law. He is the owner of a family law firm. He has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business Administration, serves as a Pro Tem Judge, Adjunct Professor, Director in the Attorney Bar Association, Minor’s Counsel. Wil intends to work as a certified Family Law Mediator in North Carolina. Vicki wishes to continue her work with children as a counselor in education.

Wil and Vicki’s anniversary celebration is in Denver at Lake Norman. Vicki’s nephew, Cory Rupeltt, the sales manager of Denver based Triton Trailers intends to join the couple.

Wil and Vicki cumulatively have four children and eight grandchildren.

The happy couple will spend their celebration on Lake Norman and then shopping as they did on their honeymoon. Both years celebration was planned and coordinated by “Lenora Bowman, of Johnny B’s Limousine Service.”



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