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NASA: Satellite fell in south Pacific, not Canada

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WASHINGTON (AP) — That dead NASA satellite fell into what might be the ideal spot — part of the southern Pacific Ocean about as far from large land masses as you can get, U.S. space officials said Tuesday. New U.S. Air Force calculations put the 6-ton satellite’s death plunge early…

Engineers prep inspection of Washington Monument

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WASHINGTON (AP) — Bad weather delayed the daredevil work of engineers who will rappel down the Washington Monument for a visual inspection, but tourists who ventured to the earthquake-damaged obelisk on Tuesday were nonetheless treated to a rare sight. For several hours, engineer Dave Megerle was perched atop the 555-foot…

Congress has dodged one crisis, now on to the next

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WASHINGTON (AP) — One crisis averted, on to the next. The day after Congress managed to avoid a government shutdown — again — Republicans and Democrats stared ahead Tuesday at major fights over spending that underscore a deep divide that’s sure to define the fast-approaching national elections. Monday night, lawmakers…

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