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Want to make a difference?

It’s always nice, not to mention emotionally rewarding, when an article that runs in this — or, for that matter, any — newspaper results in a happy ending.
That’s the case with today’s article that recounts the reuniting of a lost dog with her longtime companion and caregiver.
The late, one-time majority leader of the U.S. House of Congress, Tip O’Neill is attributed as having uttered, “All politics is local.” It’s a wise adage that has applications in many realms of day-to-day living, and journalism is no exception.
Many people who wish to enter into journalism say that one of the driving forces behind this career choice is the desire to “make a difference.” However, for many, if perhaps the majority, “making a difference” means doing so on a more grandiose, major platform, even the world stage. And there will be those in journalism whose impact will be felt at that level. However, with rare exception, those individuals will probably have first made their mark at the local level and subsequently worked their way up.
So for those of you who have just graduated college (or are about to join that rank) and will be entering the workforce as journalists, bear in mind that the most effective impact you can have is what you do that affects the people in the community you serve.
by Steve Steiner

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