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“Further” studies wanted?

How many times and in how many ways are we going to have to say that the citizens of Lincoln County and Lincolnton deserve better?
How many times and in how many ways are we going to have to say to elected officials, “Do the job you were elected to do.”? (This also includes appointed officials. Do the job you were appointed to do.)
Once again, county commissioners refuse to take any action on the landfill issue. Instead, they want to “study” how other counties handle landfill issues. Come again? As County Commissioner vice chairman James “Buddy” Funderburk said, this is the third time this issue has arisen since he became a commissioner.
Three times and the commissioners still can’t develop a viable plan? Perhaps if the commissioners hadn’t put this on the back burner, Lincoln County would have a program in place — one that generates revenue; perhaps enough revenue to pay for the generous raises the commissioners voted themselves…er, excuse us, the next succeeding board of commissioners (who, in most probability will be composed of the current sitting slate).
Speaking of studies, why are city council members unable to determine whether to permit sidewalk dining? What more do they need to know that wasn’t uncovered after two years of research conducted by the Downtown Development Association, according to Brad Guth, director of Business and Community Development?
Wouldn’t it be nice if Lincoln County and Lincolnton had leaders who not only possessed vision, but also had backbone?

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