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Should county churches bow heads in thanks or in shame?

It’s perplexing, to say the least. If Bob Wise’s numbers are accurate, only 17 — out of more than 150 churches in Lincoln County— have actively gotten behind the effort to raise enough funds to get a DVD of the movie, “Jesus,” into every Lincoln County home by Christmas. Wise is the gentleman spearheading the drive.
That’s about one-tenth, which is a good number when it comes to tithing, but nowhere near what’s going to be necessary to raise the $90,000 still needed by October in order for Wise to succeed in his mission of bringing the story of the Messiah to the people of Lincoln County.
Why is that? Why have so few churches climbed aboard the bandwagon? Is it because this mission lacks fun, flash and dazzle? Granted, the simple mailing of a DVD can’t compare to events such as vacation bible school fairs and festivities; local, regional and foreign missions for both youth and adults; or even the recently-held Go Tell Crusade and National Day of Prayer, both which took place here in Lincoln County this past May. Heck, it doesn’t even compare to the effort given to victims of the tsunami — all events that are good, righteous and just and looked upon with favor in the eyes of God.
But the “Jesus” movie has something going for it that the abovementioned lack and that’s durability. Please don’t misunderstand, this newspaper does not put down the events cited in the previous paragraph; all are worthy endeavors in bringing people to the Lord and this newspaper supports those projects wholeheartedly. However, those events in and of themselves are, at best, transient in nature. Other than photos, diaries or blogs, all that’s left when everything is said and done, are memories.
On the other hand, the “Jesus” DVD can be something permanent and play an active role of one’s day-to-day life. Never mind how many thousands (hopefully tens, perhaps hundreds of thousands) have been brought to salvation because of this movie, look what it can do for the individual hurting, not knowing where to turn, who perhaps has lost all hope? Whether it be a person whose faith has been shaky or even non-existent, or even one whose belief has been rock-solid but now shaken to the core because of some personal, cataclysmic event, this DVD can help find those in need find healing. Whereas a person might be reluctant to pick up the phone and call a pastor or friend in the wee hours of the morning, surely they would be more willing to pop in the DVD.
Of course, the “Jesus” DVD is no panacea and viewing it isn’t sufficient by itself, but it can be a stepping stone to something greater.
This newspaper urges that every church and every church-goer help Bob Wise make this goal a reality. . Make this a Christmas in the truest sense of the word.
Miracles have been known to happen.
God knows.
by Steve Steiner

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