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To protect and serve? Any day of the week

Officer Devonda Friday and her aunt Lt. Cindy Monday have more in common than their family tree. They serve as the only two women on the force with the Lincolnton Police Department.
“People get us confused,” said Monday. “They say Friday, and I say, ‘No, Monday.’”
Monday has served in law enforcement for 20 years. She began working with the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office for a year and has been at the LPD ever since.
Her career has brought both ups and downs. Monday said her favorite part of the job is working with people, but she remembers some hard cases. The first fatal wreck was the worst, she said.
Monday arrived on the scene where an 18-year-old boy had been killed in a traffic accident.
“I knew him and being the first officer on the scene and seeing his lifeless body — it tore me up.”
Monday has since found ways to curb her emotions and harden enough to better handle certain instances.
“You have to learn to accept things as they are and go on,” she said.
As a child Friday liked watching her aunt in action — wearing her uniform and traveling around in her police car. The career captured Friday’s interest.
“She used to come and ride with me sometimes,” said Monday. “She wanted to go on calls with me. All the officers knew Devonda.”
It wasn’t a big surprise when Friday grew up and took an interest in law enforcement.
“Her career had a tremendous effect on me,” said Friday. “I was curious. I wanted to know what she did.”
Friday has not met with opposition while serving as a police officer. Both Monday and Friday say they’re treated as equals in their jobs, but Monday remembers when things were a little different.
“Back in the mid-‘80s there weren’t a lot of females,” she said. “I had a lot of obstacles.”
Monday was the first black female to serve with the city police and only the second female ever on the force, she said.
“She kind of smoothed the surface out for me,” Friday said.
Monday and Friday both work the day shift at the LPD, but because they’re relatives they work alternating shifts. They’re only scheduled at the same time for big events.
While both women are dedicated to their jobs, they say they put faith and family first.
Their priorities are what makes it possible to be mothers, wives and officers, Friday said.
“God. Put him first and everything else weighs itself out.”
Despite the frequent confusion and occasional joke about their last names, both officers agree that serving on the force together is a good experience.
“Having another female around to relate to is important,” said Monday. “And working together has strengthened us both.”
by Diane Turbyfill

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