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Do you feel any safer now than directly after Sept. 11?

“After the attack I don’t feel safe. I felt safe before. It has changed my opinion of being safe because we just took everything for granted.”
W.G. Reid of Maiden

“I feel safe. I think it was handled accordingly when it happened. It was a tragedy, everyone was fearful and didn’t know it was coming. But I think Bush is doing all he can to help keep us safe.”
Marilyn Reid of Maiden

“No I do not feel safe. I feel like it has made more people hate us overseas and that they are more out to get us. I think it is worse than it was before. I don’t feel as safe as I was before since it happened.”
Joyce Christopher of Lincolnton

“Before 9/11 I was not worried, but I don’t feel as safe because it happened. I feel some parts of the country are safer such as airports because of security. As for being safe from a terrorist attack I still think they could do it. I think Iraq in some respects has made us more vulnerable because people are upset with us.”
Sandra Kiscer of Lincolnton

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