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Lincoln Charter nearing construction of $4 million expansion, upgrades

An artist’s rendering of the new building being constructed at Lincoln Charter School’s Denver campus, which will house 12 classrooms and administrative space.

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Construction will begin soon on a new approximately 13,000 square-foot building at Lincoln Charter School’s Denver campus. The two-story building will contain 12 classrooms, administrative offices and an elevator to provide handicap access for both floors. It will connect to the existing gymnasium with a sidewalk covered by an overhead canopy for weather protection. It doesn’t look like much yet, but construction workers have been working on the site for a few weeks now, incorporating Geopier ground improvement systems, which are used to reinforce the soil, according to LCS chief administrator Jonathan Bryant. Crews are now ready to pour concrete and begin construction.

“It’s basically for the growth that we’ve experienced,” Bryant said. “We’re actually not adding students because that would go against our school board model. This is to accommodate growth that’s already happened. We’re so tight right now with our existing facilities that this is needed.”

The target date for completion is January, which is a pretty ambitious schedule, according to Bryant. As with all construction, completion is dependent upon weather. This building will have more natural light than the existing buildings at the Denver campus. Many eco-friendly features are being added as well.

“The exterior of the building will look a little different than the existing buildings but it will blend with the campus,” Bryant said. “The walls of the other buildings were tilt walls but a large area is needed to pour the slabs for tilt walls which we don’t have now. This will be a block building painted to match the general feel for the campus.”

The total cost on the building construction and additional improvements that are being made to athletic facilities at the Denver campus such as enhanced lighting, outdoor restrooms and dug-out improvements, will be approximately $4 million, according to Bryant. It is planned that the financing will be via a tax-exempt bond through the office of the North Carolina State Treasurer.

“We haven’t allocated a lot of resources in the past to our athletic facilities and the sports boosters have had to take a hand in helping to maintain the facilities,” Bryant said. “The school board finance and building committee felt like we needed to spend some money on our athletic facilities.”

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