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No-kill plan is a step in the right direction

At Monday night’s meeting of the Board of Commissioners, a unanimous vote of approval was cast for the “Strategic Plan for Transforming Lincoln County into a No Kill Community,” a document written by LCAS Director Hannah Beaver in cooperation with the Ad Hoc Committee on No Kill and the Animal Services Advisory Board. The plan, which is based on the most current best practices of effective shelter management and on the latest version of the No Kill Equation, includes a timeline for success with performance measures and benchmarks. Our county now has its own personalized No Kill road map, and all the individual constituents (the shelter staff, the director, animal advocacy groups, rescues, fosters, the contracted veterinarian and community volunteers) can see precisely what role they will play in turning this plan into action.

In Hannah Beaver, LCAS has a motivated, compassionate director who understands the No Kill Philosophy and is ready to implement it. Her work in drafting the plan and collaborating with so many diverse groups to achieve such broad consensus should be applauded. The Humane Voters of Lincoln County support this plan wholeheartedly, and we especially appreciate the leadership of Commissioner Anita McCall in bringing us to this pivotal moment. Now we transition from planning to action. Every citizen can play a part in helping the shelter achieve its goals: adopt a shelter pet, sign up as a short-term foster, spay and neuter your pets, donate food, supplies, toys or towels to the shelter, make a donation to a local rescue or sign up to volunteer with one of the many organizations dedicated to improving the lives of animals in need.

No Kill is the future – not just here in Lincoln County but everywhere – and I am really proud that my shelter is going to be one of the first in the state to hit the mark.

Dr. Ashley Oliphant
Humane Voters of
Lincoln County

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