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Reader’s Forum— 3-20-17

Thanks to those who helped in search for lost dog
On March 6, my son’s dog, “Bella,” went missing. She was last seen in the wooded area behind the old gym on East Rhodes Street. For six days we searched for her, constantly driving through the neighborhoods in that area, calling for Bella, talking to residents and putting up flyers. We broadened our search and eventually covered nearly the entire downtown area and traveled as far as Cherryville to investigate the report of a dog resembling Bella running along the highway. Along the way we encountered many people, from local residents, city and county employees, business owners, police officers and mail carriers, who showed kindness and concern. Some took a flyer and promised to keep watch for Bella. Several said they would say a prayer that she would be found. To everyone who offered their assistance in our search, please accept our heartfelt thanks. We are glad to report that, by the grace of God, our Bella was found on Saturday afternoon by a nurse arriving for work at the dialysis clinic on South Grove Street Extension. She put Bella in her vehicle and called the telephone numbers on her tag. We will be forever grateful to this kind lady who took the time to care about a lost dog and the family who loves her.
Debby Lyda

Opposition to Dollar General
Why we’re opposed to a Dollar General (or any other box store) at the intersection of Highway 73 and Amity Church Road. It’s called safety.
Our desire to live in the country is like most, to get away from Auto Bell, Taco Bell, bumper to bumper traffic and high-risk intersections. And nowhere in our wildest dreams would any of us have moved next door to, or built our homes near, a Dollar General store.
We want to live away from retail stores and national brands. We want to support local family businesses, those of our neighbors. Those we see at the ball game, sit next to in church or cry with at a funeral. We simply don’t need another Dollar General inserting itself into our rural community.
We purposed to leave crowded townships. We left the ever-increasing dangers of high traffic areas where road rage and texting while driving creates greater opportunity for accidents.
As property owners on Amity Church Road, we see firsthand the high numbers of cars that converge at Highway 73 and our road. We feel very strongly that the presence of a Dollar General store, or any another box-type store will only invite loitering, littering and encourage auto accidents.
This is a serious safety concern to us and our neighbors, that this proposed development site will surely create. If you agree, we invite you to be heard and sign the petition at: www.stopdg.com
Derrick and Amy Denman
Iron Station

Response to Haag column
I was appalled by the intentional misinformation printed in the opinion section of your publication this past week and authored by failed candidate for public office Nic Haag.
I suppose no one should really be shocked that the former developer of a game entitled “Hemp Empire” would have problems discerning the truth about issues and people.
He certainly is incapable of comprehending proposed legislation and has a severe lack of understanding of issues.
Moreover, through his rambling, he accused Rep. Jason Saine of trying to increase taxes when if you read and understand the proposed bill on fantasy sports, the intent is exactly the opposite what Haag has portrayed.
CBS North Carolina had excellent coverage of what the issue is about and what the proposed legislation will accomplish.
Moreover, the legislation as written, would allow fantasy sports to legally exist in North Carolina, protect players, and prevent those who are underage from partaking in the games.
Lastly, the Fantasy Sports Trade Association (FSTA) has endorsed Saine’s legislation and has described it as having “common sense consumer protections.” The organization is made up of major media companies like FOX Sports, ESPN, CBS, Yahoo!, USA Today, RotoWire, as well as companies like FanDuel, DraftKings, and Fantasy Draft.
We ask that our legislators do their job, protect us from harm and regulate us in the most unobtrusive way as possible.
And on the issue of taxes, Haag has zero credibility as he is publicly stated that he supports a massive tax increase on the all citizens of Lincoln County by supporting the incorporation of eastern Lincoln County. He can try to rationalize this however he wants to but the fact of the matter remains that he supports tax increases. Period.
Saine should be congratulated and thanked for his efforts not berated by a pro-drug, big government Libertarian like Haag.
Raye Watson-Smyth

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