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Commissioners set to discuss three high-dollar projects

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The Lincoln County Board of Commissioners will discuss a trio of high-dollar projects during their regular monthly meeting today at the James W. Warren Citizens Center.

The first item of significance on tonight’s agenda involves a donation of approximately 35 acres of land located at the intersection of Shoal Road and Westwinds Road just south of the intersection of Highway 27 and Cat Square Road. Loretta Beam, a Lincoln County resident, has offered to donate the parcel to the county for the purpose of constructing a new West Lincoln library.

The commissioners will hold a vote to formally accept the donation of property and then another vote will officially determine the location for the new library. Last April, the board voted unanimously to build the new branch at the West Lincoln Park, located at 369 Hulls Grove Church Road.

The county has already opened the bidding process for firms to provide professional architectural and engineering services necessary for the design and construction of a new 10,000-12,000 square-foot library facility at the site donated by Beam. Consultants from Kimberly Bolan and Associates, hired by the county to conduct a thorough overview of the three existing libraries, have estimated that a new facility of that size will come at a cost of approximately $2.5 million.

The board of commissioners will also vote on the execution of a contract with Emmett Sapp Builders, Inc., a construction company based in Wildwood, Florida, for renovations to the old Lincoln County Hospital. The portion of the old hospital constructed in 1996 has been demolished back to a shell building and will now be upfitted to accommodate the relocation of the Lincoln County Health Department.

Emmett Sapp Builders submitted the lowest bid on the project, offering their services at a cost of approximately $4.3 million. Project manager and public works director Don Chamblee set aside $4.5 million in the budget for construction of the new health department facility.

Chamblee will also seek commissioner approval of a second contract with Brady Integrated Security for technology installation at the new health department site. The proposal includes video surveillance, access control, perimeter intrusion detection, a public address system and structured cabling at a total cost of $284,654.

The last of the three big-ticket items to be discussed tonight would launch the expansion of the Killian Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant, potentially doubling the sewer capacity in Lincoln County. The board will vote on the execution of a contract with WK Dickson for preliminary engineering services at a cost of $190,000.

The Killian Creek plant holds a capacity of 3.3 million gallons of wastewater per day, but the proposed expansion would push that number to five million gallons per day with a potential to reach 6.6 million gallons per day. The total estimated cost of expanding the plant to five million gallons per day would be approximately $23.4 million.

Currently, the county sewer system has reached approximately 60 percent of its 3.3 million gallons per day capacity. Projections that include developments that have already been approved by the board of commissioners, but not yet allocated by the public works department, would drive that number up to about 79 percent.

The North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources dictates that Lincoln County can only allocate up to 80 percent of its existing sewer capacity. However, if the commissioners vote tonight to execute the contract with WK Dickson, the NCDENR will extend that number to 90 percent.

Tonight’s meeting will begin at 6:30 p.m. on the third floor of the James W. Warren Citizens Center, located at 115 West Main Street in Lincolnton.

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