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LTG production based on Battle of Ramsour’s Mill

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A new drama to be performed at the Lincoln Cultural Center, “Thunder Over Carolina,” will begin production with auditions on Sunday and Monday from 7-9 p.m.

“Thunder Over Carolina” is a historical drama based on the Battle of Ramsour’s Mill, presented by the Lincoln Cultural Center in collaboration with Lincoln Theatre Guild and directed by Theatre Guild president-elect Pete DeGregory.

“This play will tell the stories of some of the Lincoln County families during that time,” DeGregory said. “How they got to the point that they were fighting in this battle and what it did to their families. It humanizes and takes the battle to a personal perspective.”

This is a massive production with many parts to be filled, some speaking and some not. Individuals of all sexes and age groups are needed. The play will represent the community that existed in the late 1700’s, so some family units will be created, as well as the major players that were involved in that battle such as Cornwallis, Locke, McDowell, Reep and others.

“We’re going to do our best to humanize the story and take it to a section of life where you can see how it affected those families,” DeGregory said. “We need a good many men from teenagers to geriatrics because the people who fought were our local people. There was little to no militia or regimental enlisted army involved in the actual battle — it was neighbor against neighbor, which is one of the things we are going to try to portray.”

Once rehearsals begin, actors will meet three times a week from 7-9 p.m., with separate calls for the fight scenes until they’re worked into the play. DeGregory is also looking for set builders, weapon wranglers, children wranglers, light, sound and set technicians and backstage help.

“We are also looking for financial support,” DeGregory said. “People who like to promote their business through the play. We seriously need the community to step up and help represent Lincoln County how it was a couple of hundred years ago.”

Audition reservations can be made by email at auditions@lincolntheatreguild.com. Walk-ins will be accepted but, due to the limited number of time slots available, DeGregory strongly recommends that a reservation be schedule. Auditions will be held at the Lincoln Cultural Center.

The play will run for two consecutive weekends beginning May 12 with four shows per weekend, with the option to add more if there’s a need.

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