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Wadsworth: Take precautions against SIDS

Guest Columnist

SIDS, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, is the sudden and unexplained death of a baby under one year of age. It is the leading cause of death in babies after one month of age to one year.

Although health care providers don’t know what causes SIDS, there are certain precautions you can take.

When your baby is awake place him on his stomach to play. This will help his neck, shoulder and arms grow strong. When your baby is napping or sleeping they should always be placed on their back.

“Stomach to play, back to sleep,” is an easy way to remember the proper sleep practices.

It is also recommended that children have their own bed or crib and they should not sleep with their parents.

Juliana Whitaker, child care health consultant for Lincoln County, encourages her childcare providers to talk families about safe sleep environments.

She suggests using lightweight blankets or toddler sheets instead of heavier fleece type blankets for nap times. Another idea is to use no blankets or bedding in the sleep space at a childcare facility. If needed, sleep sacks can be used in place of a blanket.

Here are some other tips to help reduce the risk of SIDS:

Place your baby on a firm mattress since soft surfaces increase the risk of SIDS. Use a safety-approved crib mattress.

Keep pillows, quilts and stuffed toys away from the sleep area.

Keep blankets and other coverings away from your baby’s nose and mouth.

Do not smoke around your child.

Make sure your baby does not get too warm, keep the room at a temperature (68 to 75 degrees) that is comfortable for an adult. Dress them in light clothing.

Keep your CPR certification up to date.

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Amy Wadsworth is public information coordinator with the Partnership for Children of Lincoln & Gaston Counties.


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