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Reader’s Forum: We can do better — 5-13-15


We can do better

Board of Commissioners Chairman Carrol Mitchem’s remarks make him the poster boy for why it is necessary to continue to be vigilant to protect separation of church and state. With today’s instant 
communication he has embarrassed us, not only in the county, but also statewide and perhaps nationwide. I am Jewish. Mitchem does not want my religion in his government and I
certainly don’t want his religion in my government.

How can we repair the damage that he has done? The other county commissioners must 
unanimously and publicly denounce such nonsense. Finally, to repair our reputation locally and
nationally, we should demonstrate that we can do better than Rowan County. It should not be
necessary for outside groups to force us to do the right thing. A moment of silence before each meeting should satisfy most everyone and we will voluntarily be in compliance with the 
Constitution of the United States.

David A. Nachamie, M.D.


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