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Reader’s Forum — 5-11-15

Reader’s Forum for 5-11-15

Mitchem should resign

After reading the article in Friday’s Lincoln Times-News concerning the issue of prayer at the start of Lincoln County commissioners meetings, I find that I am completely ashamed and embarrassed to live in such a wonderful and beautiful county. Why, you ask? Carrol Mitchem, Board of Commissioners chairman, is the reason. This man is an embarrassment to the good people of Lincoln County. For a person in a position such as chair of the Board of Commissioners, as an elected representative, he should not be making such inflammatory, biased remarks, especially at a commissioners meeting. It is highly clear that Mitchem is a biased individual who thinks more of himself than the people of Lincoln County. Mitchem needs to be removed, either by the current commissioners if possible, or he should resign, effective now. We do not need the likes of a commissioner who states “If they don’t like it, stay the hell away” sitting on the Board of Commissioners. Commissioners are supposed to be representing all the people of Lincoln County, not just the so-called Christian bloc. It does not matter that there are no “temples” or “mosques” in Lincoln County, as Commissioner Alex Patton stated. It doesn’t matter that there is a claimed 102 Christian houses of worship in Lincoln County. So what? Do you really think that everyone in Lincoln County is a Christian? They just may go outside the county to worship in their belief. What will happen when one of these so-called “non-Christians” or any other citizen attends a commissioner meeting and objects? Do you really think Mitchem will have the wherewithal to stand up and order them out of the meeting? Violating both the First and Fourth Amendment? For any of the commissioners to place themselves on a pedestal just for the sake of trying to make a point to deny anyone their religious beliefs is unprofessional and unethical at best. Resign now, Mitchem. Believe me, we will remember you come election time. You are not a representative I wish to have representing me in any capacity.

Just maybe it is time for the ACLU to make a trip here to attend a commissioners meeting.

Gary Lee


Mitchem is an embarrassment

I feel very lucky to be a resident of Lincoln County, until our County Commission Chairman makes headlines by declaring that his beliefs and opinions are the only ones that matter. Apparently, he believes in Freedom of Speech, but not Freedom of Religion. And it’s obvious that Federal Court decisions about prayers before public meetings don’t apply to him. Like Alex Patton (the voice of reason) said, “All Muslims are not bad, just as all Christians are not good.”

Deborah Beck
Iron Station



A proud history

Lincoln County residents are proud of their history and it shows. Thanks to Jason Harpe and the Lincoln County Historical Association, we had excellent turnout and wonderful hospitality at the Lincoln Cultural Center. The Association was hosting our “March to Liberty: a Frontier’s Call for Freedom” event to celebrate the 240th anniversary of the beginning of the American Revolution. Lincoln Times-News staff writer Phil Perry’s article was a big help in calling attention to the event. Fellow author and speaker Scott Syfert and I so much appreciated the dozens of people, both local and from as far away as Wilmington and Raleigh, who came to the program to learn, to contribute, and to commemorate. And we thank the members of the Mecklenburg and Kings Mountain chapters of the Sons of the American Revolution who served as ceremonial Color Guard. In particular, we appreciated the opportunity to recognize the 200th anniversary of a commemorative marker placed at Kings Mountain in 1815 by a Lincoln County resident to honor the Lincoln County “South Fork Boys” who died in that 1780 battle, which turned the tide of the American Revolution. That marker is the second oldest Revolutionary War marker in the country, and Lincoln County is proud to have those “bragging rights.” The audience at the Lincoln Cultural Center also enjoyed the opportunity for fellowship and the exchange of ideas during the morning program, as well as a wonderful lunch provided by the Association. Thank you again, citizens of Lincoln County, and thank you Jason Harpe and Lincoln County Historical Association.

Randell Jones
Daniel Boone Footsteps

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