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Summer is officially over, changes ahead

Guest Columnist

Most of us believe that Labor Day officially ends the vacation days of summer and that the temperatures will drop, giving us cooler weather.
We know that the leaves will start changing color and that trees drop all those acorns and hickory nuts that cause squirrels to plan their annual get-to-gather in the backyard.
We had another animal join the backyard group and he eats everything in sight. He really likes rose bushes, which haven’t had time to recuperate from his earlier visits. I can’t seem to get it across to him that Ground Hog Day will not be until next February and until then he should stay home. He doesn’t realize that his life is in danger and he should leave those three little rosebuds alone.
Teachers and students are sharing plans for the new school year. And parents are getting used to again having their children occupied during the day.
The weatherman doesn’t know that it’s time to begin cooling down. This week’s temps were heavy as a hot wet blanket so we had our family gathering inside. We called it a pizza party with several tasty pies and many cool drinks. Some homegrown cantaloupes and tomatoes from the Farmer’s Market added to the meal. When most of the family is here, it’s always time to party and preparing a meal takes more and more time for me. My family always likes whatever I put on the table.
Grandchildren are always welcome, and of course their children are great to have around. Their visits make us happy and we are always glad to hear that they have arrived home safely.
Hot weather is with us, but we know that autumn has arrived and soon we can put on long sleeves and from the back porch watch the squirrels gather nuts for the winter while those leaves keep turning into their fall colors.

Kathryn Yarbro is former managing editor of the Lincoln Times-News.

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