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GOP announces ‘Take Back America’ effort

Staff report

Lincoln County’s Republican Party kicked off the “Take Back America” campaign on Monday. According to a press release from the party’s chairman, Jon Propst, the campaign is designed to “energize the Republican base” and encourage supporters to vote at the polls on Nov. 4.
“November 4th is a critical date for our Country, our State and our County,” Propst said. “President Obama has caused a division among the citizens of this country, and Kay Hagan has put her stamp of approval on his policies by voting with Obama 96 percent of the time.”
Republicans need to gain six senate seats to take a majority.
“The primary is over, and we need to unite behind Thom Tillis to do our part in taking the U.S. Senate control away from Barack Obama and his liberal colleagues if we want any chance of reversing the course our country is on and repealing destructive legislation like Obamacare,” Propst said.
According to Propst, Labor Day weekend is traditionally the kick-off to the local campaign season, and the Lincoln County GOP has already begun planning several “Meet the Candidates” events.
“We need the help of every concerned citizen of the county to make this year’s election a success,” Propst said. “By donating and volunteering to the Lincoln County Republican Party, it ensures you have been an active part in your local community and (have helped) get efficient, conservative candidates like Sheriff David Carpenter elected.
Those interested in learning more about the “Take Back America” campaign should visit Lincoln County GOP’s website, www.lincolncountyncgop.com.

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