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Volunteers give non-profits a needed helping hand

Guest Columnist

Reading the recent report about Lincoln County’s Habitat for Humanity naming a new executive director, I thought about the time when the new chapter was organized.
I believe it was about 1991 when the chapter was organized and the 10 board members began the job of raising money, choosing a homeowner and building the first house.
It was a very eager group. We gathered and began the search for a site for the house and the family who would live there.
Those of us who couldn’t handle a saw or hammer and nail called on churches, bankers and many others who gave generously to support the project.
Volunteers came from near and far to help. Furniture and appliances were donated as plumbers and electricians gave up their weekends to work on this special project.
It was a time worth remembering for me because I made many new friends and felt good about what we were doing.
The chapter has moved forward and many have volunteered time and money, giving a helping hand to others.
The small store that opened near the railroad tracks soon overflowed with donations and that led to the successful ReStore, which now offers donated merchandise at an affordable price.
Giving families a chance to be homeowners is the hand up that Habitat stands for, and working with others to repair an existing home is another way of helping others.
I am glad that I had a small part in the organization of this chapter and I am very proud of the work that many volunteers have contributed through the years.
Lincoln County has many volunteers who give much by supporting organizations that help others.
Aug. 23’s Cruisin’ for a Cause turned a fun evening into a fundraiser for four non-profits. Hesed House of Hope, Lincoln County Child Advocacy Center, Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Relay for Life were supported.
Like Habitat for Humanity, these groups are dedicated to helping others. We are fortunate to live among many who are ready with that helping hand when others are in need.

Kathryn Yarbro is former managing editor of the Lincoln Times-News.

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