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UPDATED: Police suspect bank employee in fraud

Staff Writer
The Lincolnton Police Department issued a press release on Thursday clearing the original suspect officers identified in a recent bank fraud in Boger City.
The suspect, whose photograph was distributed by the department, was thought to have committed bank fraud by withdrawing $2,000 from an elderly man’s account at Fifth Third Bank.
The person of interest shown in the photograph is now being questioned as a witness rather than a suspect. Upon further investigation, the Lincolnton Police Department discovered that a former employee of Fifth Third Bank made the illegal withdrawal, officers said. When initially questioned, the employee told police that the man in the picture was the offender.
After an interview with the police department, the former employee confessed to the illegal withdrawal, officers said. Charges are expected to be filed against the suspect soon. Fifth Third Bank has cooperated fully with the Lincolnton Police Department and the investigation is considered active.

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