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Nonprofit offers free post-adoption services

Staff Writer

Adoption is a new beginning for parents and children alike, but many children that have been abandoned or removed from previously broken family situations are often conflicted when placed in the foster care system.
Feelings of loss and betrayal and lack of self-worth are just some of the experiences children can go through while they are waiting for their forever families. But residual heartache doesn’t completely end when a child becomes a member of a new family. When the issues surrounding a life-changing adoption come into play, that’s when organizations like Eckerd steps in.
Billing itself as the first name in second chances, Eckerd is a privately funded, non-profit organization that has been a national leader in providing youth and family services since 1968. Serving over 150,000 children since then, Eckerd is providing Post Adoptive Support services to residents of Lincoln County.
Serving Lincoln, Cleveland and Gaston Counties, the Charlotte-based organization provides counselling for grief and loss issues, information on how to deal with behavioral problems, advice for struggling with peer and family relationships and the impact of adoption at various stages.
Eckerd recognizes that adoption is a life-long, on-going process and in addition to there being no fee for its services, it also puts no time limit on when they can be used. Additionally, Eckerd counselors come to the families, not the other way around, visiting in homes where they can do the most good.
For more information on how adoptive families in Lincoln County can utilize post adoptive services, call (980) 819-5047.

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