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Late summer days bring many changes

Guest Columnist

An early morning visit to the Farmer’s Market gave us several good meals this week. There’s such a bounty to choose from, I had to slow down and remember that some of these vegetables need to be cooked.
But once you get them home, shelled and in the pot, there’s no more wondering what’s for lunch. Just add those fresh tomatoes, cucumbers and a large cantaloupe and keep the leftovers.
There’s much to be admired about those young farmers who plant, gather and haul all that produce to market early in the morning.
I paused at the boxes of over-ripe tomatoes and could almost taste that homemade juice again. Some things you never forget, but my time has passed when I could stand over a hot stove and make juice to fill jars with that tasty drink.
So I carried home just enough to eat for several days and extra tomatoes for supper sandwiches.
These late summer days are hot enough to keep me inside after I finish my shopping. Many days we welcome front porch visitors who keep us posted on some happenings in the neighborhood and around town.
My friend who is now in a care center wants me to tell her some gossip when I go visit. I had to tell her that very few people tell gossip to old folks.
She found humor in that and we talked about the weather, and the many flowers in her room. Her church had sent the colorful altar arrangement from Sunday services.
So thoughtful, but she has been a devoted member almost all of her life and she is missed very much now. The flowers and visits meant much since she was unable to attend the Sunday service.
The opening of a new school year is another reminder that summer is almost over. Many memories remain of my school days and the excitement of getting two children ready for the new session.
Hats off to the many teachers who were a part of our school time and good luck to the many who return to today’s classroom.
Like farmers, teachers make life better for all of us.

Kathryn Yarbro is former managing editor of the Lincoln Times-News.

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