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State troopers investigating fatal hit-and-run

Staff Writer

The sky around the intersection of Highway 321 and Highway 127 were lit with flashing lights in the early morning hours on Monday, as the Highway Patrol was called to investigate the hit-and-run death of a pedestrian.
Reported around 6:47 a.m., John Morrison, 35, of Mountain View, was struck down and killed as he walked along Highway 321. Initial reports from the Highway Patrol indicated that officers were looking for a Honda Civic, due to the fact that a Honda bumper was located at the crime scene.
But interviews later proved that the car parts had been at the scene for several days, and it was happenstance that Morrison was struck down next to them.
Investigators encouraged the public to look for any vehicle that looked like it had recent significant damage.
As of Tuesday morning, Highway Patrol confirmed that a possible suspect vehicle had been taken into custody and was being processed for DNA evidence.
An autopsy on Morrison was conducted around 1 p.m.
At press time, no additional information was available.
Highway Patrol is asking that anyone with information call *HP from a cell phone or call 911.

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