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Still time to enjoy warm days of summer

Guest Columnist

The weather is showing signs of early autumn, with cooler days and foggy mornings. Back to school talk can be heard and stores are gearing up with colorful displays of book bags and supplies to stuff them with.
Communities-in-Schools is receiving help from several groups that collect book bags filled with needed supplies.
Some students are excited and some dread the coming new school year. Teachers are taking advantage of the last few days before classrooms open by one more trip to the beach or finishing the never-ending chores at home.
It is an exciting time when your little one is ready for school. No doubt, more for mother than for the new student.
There is still a lot of time to enjoy warm days of summer, with lots of good food like peaches and tomatoes. Many folks let me know that when I write about tomato sandwiches it makes them hungry.
There seems to be plenty of tomatoes now, and they get better and sweeter this time of the year. The market has provided us with many, and friends often drop off a bag of very good sandwich makings.
We’ve had some very good peaches and lots of other vegetables this summer. There’s no lack of good food on our table with so many friends passing through.
Now if only someone would pass by and tell me the secret to getting rid of all the stuff that’s gathering dust around here. I try, but can’t seem to let some of it go.
When you can’t warm with it, sit on it, wear it, eat it or read it, you should find it another home.
It may be junk, but some of it is a lifetime collection that’s found its place around here.
Could be that cooler days would be time to move some stuff out. Or maybe tomorrow would be the best time to empty that closet corner.
Or, maybe early autumn is not the time to clean closets.

Kathryn Yarbro is former managing editor of the Lincoln Times-News.

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