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Reader’s Forum 8-8-14

Old hospital could be used for nonprofits
This is in response to the Lincoln Times editorial on “City needs commitment from county.”
Why would the county spend $17 million to close down Lincolnton businesses???
To The City of Lincolnton Planning:
When CMC built and moved into its new facility, I, for one, knew what a wonderful opportunity for all the non-profit organizations to move into the old facility. Organizations like Lincoln County Coalition Against Domestic Violence, Lincoln County Coalition Against Child Abuse, HESED House, AVID and the Pregnancy Center.
Why? The building is already set up to meet the needs of the non-profit organizations.
The building would already have the rooms and security in place, requiring very little renovation.
A reception area could guide the victim and/or the police could escort victims to the proper “wing” associated with their situation. Many victims do not know where to go for the help they need.
It would be easy to maintain an anonymous and safe-haven environment.
It would be easier for law enforcement to provide safety to all these victims if they are in one location.
The cafeteria is already in place and is capable of serving meals to victims and the homeless.
There would be plenty of space available to display all donated clothes for the families in need.
It would provide one place for folks to bring donations.
Having all non-profit organizations in one location would provide a greater sharing of information by the non-profit staffs.
There is a duplication of efforts to provide the programs to the victims that will help these families be independent and out of harm’s way. Working together as a team, better programs could be developed and monies saved.
Financially, our county does not support some of the non-profit organizations. The voices of each of the non-profit organizations as a group would bring more fairness to the distribution of county resources.
There are countless reasons for having the non-profit organizations together. It would be a showcase. It would allow for most of the $17 million to be spent relocating the standalone county services to the vacant downtown Lincolnton buildings. Money needs to be spent on advertisement and incentives to do business in Lincolnton. Some serious thought should be given to development of a “little town” atmosphere in Denver. With the proposed housing development in the Denver area, there needs to be expert planning.
Kay Schwemm

Thanks to our public workers
As the song goes, “it’s summertime and the livin’ is easy.” But when your job is in public service, summertime often brings difficult challenges. More drinking and drugs, more traffic due to public activities that draw large crowds and the adverse working conditions from the heat and humidity accompany summer. Tempers are shorter and violence increases. Our police and emergency workers face danger daily on the frontline. Our city workers are on a tight schedule so they must cope with the heat and storms of summer to stay on schedule. All of our public workers deserve our utmost gratitude for a job well done all year, but especially during the hot summer months. When you see them, remember to thank them for their dedication to our safety and their service to our community.
Jamye Exton

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