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Our View — Can’t fight the wave

An inevitable part of growth is change.
Lincoln County is no exception to that rule. As the population grows, the county is going to change. It’s better if we accept it, embrace it and make the people who are moving here feel like they belong.
The population in 2010, according to federal census data, was just over 78,000. Based on North Carolina Office of State Budget and Management estimates, the population should grow to over 90,000 in 20 years. That feels like a conservative estimate.
When more people move into the county, they need places to live. And many of the people who move into the county, in the short term, will likely work in Charlotte and live in the county’s eastern end, if the theory that growth moves west from metropolitan areas holds true.
The overwhelmingly negative response at a public information session about a proposed housing and retail development in Denver, detailed in a story on today’s front page, isn’t all that surprising. Only people who feel very strongly, either positively or negatively, toward such a development would show up for that kind of meeting.
The big concern voiced at the meeting was an increase in traffic. Granted, very few of us enjoy sitting in long lines at a stoplight. But that’s not a good enough reason to deny housing and shopping to the people who want to live here and to deny increased tax revenue to the county. The state Department of Transportation is well equipped to handle increases in traffic across the state. Infrastructure improvements are another part of growth.
These changes are coming. New housing developments will be built. That means new shopping centers, new gas stations and new restaurants will accompany them.
Embrace it.

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