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Our View — Let’s make a deal

The news that the City of Lincolnton and Lincoln County may soon reach an agreement on water sales from the city to the county, detailed in a story in Monday’s edition, is welcome news.
Negotiations have been ongoing for the better part of two years, with each side balking at certain aspects of the deal that the other presented.
The sticking point for the city, it seemed, was the county’s demand that the water contract be included in a package with an increase in the fees the city pays for 911 communications and animal control services. The county maintains that it is owed far more money for those services than the city currently pays.
The county has backed down from that hard line, so hopefully now a mutually beneficial water agreement can be reached.
That doesn’t mean the 911 and animal control fees are off the table, but the county, according to Board of Commissioners chairman Alex Patton, is saving that battle for another day.
The negotiations, the way the contracts have been sent back and forth between the City Council and the Board of Commissioners, have shown clear divisions between the two governing entities.
It’s refreshing to see concrete progress being made, and even more refreshing that the dollars spent on water sales by the county will likely be spent within the county.

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