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Some days are better than others

Guest Columnist

A friend recently asked me why I didn’t write about good and bad things. I asked her how she knew the difference.
I know a woman who always talks about people living in sin. So I asked her, “how can you tell, because aren’t we all sinners?”
I’ve always wondered why some are gifted with such knowledge while I have often struggled over simple things.
I believe we all have some days that are better than others. There have been times when I went to sleep remembering something that I should not have said or done that day.
I have done a few things that I am proud of and many that I would like to forget. So goes the good and the bad. But today gives all of us a chance to try again.
If you don’t break the law you will stay out of jail. That’s a simple statement. There have been times I would have broken it into pieces but I didn’t relish time behind bars.
Well, I do break the speed limit and sometimes stop in a no parking zone and I recall pushing into a long line a time or two.
Do you eat grapes before they are weighed at the food store? Do you fib a little on your taxes? And how about those who try to switch tags before their purchase?
Most likely the grapes won’t be missed, very few brag about fibbing to the IRS, but it is unlikely you can get out of the door today with tags removed from that shirt.
Are these things just a little bad? They certainly do not fall under the “you’re going to jail” rules, but we couldn’t call them good deeds either.
There are many around who spend their days doing for others.
The good deeds around this town couldn’t’ be counted, but if you asked you would have a hard time getting all those who do for others to admit to the job.
I remember a man in the community who worked little and read much. He could recite poetry in a farming area where few books were read and most known poetry rhymed.
Why these words stuck with me all these years is almost a mystery, but whenever someone attempts to define good and bad I think of him saying, “There’s so much good in the best of us, and so much bad in the rest of us, that it behooves most of us to talk about all of us.”
It could be that it wasn’t exactly like this, and he most likely read it somewhere else, but it’s something to remember when trying to define good and bad.
That job is too hard for most of us.

Kathryn Yarbro is former managing editor of the Lincoln Times-News.

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