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Shame on Harris Teeter
I have just read a “Closing On August 26th” sign posted on one of Lincolnton’s’ long standing businesses. Yes, it was posted on the front door of Harris Teeter’s super market in Boger City. I believe this business has operated in Lincolnton since the early 1950s. It was originally Teeter’s and later merged with Harris in the Charlotte area, becoming Harris-Teeter. I worked in the meat market while in high school. Many people do not remember of there not being a Teeter’s in Lincolnton.
I have been hearing rumors of their closing since the new Ingles began their ground breaking. Personally, I thought Harris Teeter should have purchased the Boger Crawford property and built a new building, keeping a competitor away from the door. The rumors say “there are not enough upscale shoppers in Lincolnton” for them. It has been stated that Harris Teeter only seeks an abundance of lavish spending on swanky food products.
The rumors I hear are that Lincolnton is not big enough for Harris Teeter and there is not a sufficient profit margin for them in this market. They concentrate on the Charlottes of the world and the metropolitan areas. Lincolnton is outside their scope.
We shop at most of the local food stores and especially Harris Teeter. The Harris Teeter products are great, service of employees is great, and prices are very good, especially on their sales. I will miss shopping at Harris Teeter.
It is sad when a community has supported a business for 50-plus years and the business snubs its nose at us because we do not fit the new business plan. I say, “Shame, shame, shame on the management of Harris Teeter and their blue-blood-only style of character”.
The people in the community that assisted in giving birth to the Harris Teeter name will continue shopping in the Lincolnton area with the merchants who have faith in the welfare of the citizens.
Don Ballard

Thanks to Good Samaritan
On Tuesday, while driving to work, I had the misfortune to witness someone tossing a very small kitten out of their moving vehicle on Highway 27 in Boger City.
I was devastated and heartbroken, trying to find somewhere quickly to turn around and go back to help it, when I saw a man in a white utility truck pulling over to aid the kitten.
I want to say “thank you” to that gentleman for stopping. Thank you for sparing me that awful experience. Thank you for your kindness to one of God’s most fragile beings. Your kindness did not go unnoticed.
I don’t know if the kitten lived or not, I’m only hopeful it did live.
Sir, whoever you are, surely you will be blessed. Thank you again from my heart.
As for the one who did this, I wish I could find you and bestow upon you the exact horror you bestowed upon this tiny, helpless kitten. But I can’t…so dance with karma.
Debbie P. Inman

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