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Denver Shea Homes plans taking shape

A sign marks the site of the future Trilogy Lake Norman development in Denver.

A sign marks the site of the future Trilogy Lake Norman development in Denver.

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National homebuilding company Shea Homes is making headway with design renderings for an active lifestyle residential community in Denver.
According their website, the Trilogy Active Lifestyle Communities are a resort community division within Shea Homes, designed specifically for the Baby Boomer generation.
The Denver residential development, recently named “Trilogy Lake Norman,” is anticipated to offer 1,650 homes, with up to 300 non-age restricted homes and the remaining designated for residents 55 years of age or older. The property is located on the south side of Highway 73 and the west side of Little Egypt Road in the Catawba Springs Township.
While several members of neighboring residential communities shared concerns regarding the development at the county commissioners’ February meeting, commissioners voted in March to unanimously approve the new residential community. According to Shea Homes Marketing Associate Jay Seymoure, the company has since then been working to design the future development.
“We’ve begun the envisioning and design process as it relates to the types of homes, the amenity building, signs in the amenity building, thematic elements in the community — really, just in general, the design of what will Trilogy Lake Norman feel like,” he said. “And that’s another thing that we’ve done; we’ve renamed the property to be consistent with the Trilogies that we do across the country.”
Seymoure said thematic elements can include the light poles, any neighborhood monuments that may exist, the colors that are used in the community, both on buildings and also on park benches, the type and style of landscaping used, down to the species of trees planted.
“Is it ranch?” he said. “Does it have cacti and Palo Verde trees and feel like the Old West? Or do you walk in and it feels like it used to be a plantation in North Carolina? Is it contemporary country or does it feel like something you might see in Charleston, South Carolina, where it has this coastal look to it? Stuff like that.”
The Trilogy Lake Norman website describes the development as a “beautiful master-planned community (that) features a stunning 606 acres set amidst a verdant backdrop of lush forests and meadows, as if the varied geography itself were specifically designed for a world of new adventures. Southern charm, tradition and heritage defines the famed Queen City of Charlotte, rich in culture, nature and history, and with an ideal four-season climate, perfect for your year-round activities.”
“We’ve talked about what exists already in the Charlotte area, and really, the only thing that we’ve arrived at specifically is that we want to make sure that we respect the history of the land and not change the land of the site that doesn’t fit the overall Lake Norman region,” Seymoure said. “That’s why we spent a lot of time trying to identify the large trees on the site so that way we could try and plan around the large trees to best of our ability in order to leave as many existing trees (as possible) alone.”
Seymoure anticipates the county will begin to see development activity begin as early as September, but no later than November.
“After that, we’ll probably begin model home construction starting in early summer 2015, with a grand opening target of late summer 2015,” he said.
Seymoure anticipates this construction to include eight to 10 model homes by the end of summer 2015. Construction for a 25,000 square foot amenity building is expected to start next summer, concluding in mid-late 2016.
“We’re still going through the design phase for the facility, but we expect it will have a fitness center, restaurant/dining areas, an event space, pools and an activity room,” he said.
While the development is still very much in the design phase, more than 600 people have already expressed interest in the development, signing up for the community development interest list.
“We could be finished as quickly as seven years, but it could take up to 10-11 years to complete the development,” Seymoure said. “But so far, our feedback has been very positive. People seem excited about a Trilogy coming to the Carolinas.”
Currently, there are three Trilogy residential communities on the east coast, two in Florida and the other in Virginia.
In September, Seymoure anticipates the company will begin hosting Living Visions sessions, focus groups that will provide feedback on the company’s design plans.
“We want them to be able to provide feedback on what they’re looking for in these homes and the community,” he said.
Those interested in learning more about Trilogy Lake Norman should visit www.trilogylife.com.

Image courtesy of Jaclyn Anthony / Lincoln Times-News

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