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An unexpected birth

Guest Columnist

Bob Lebrec said he used to be a fireman. He told me of a time the fire department was called to a woman’s home, and when they announced themselves and entered, they found the woman in the bathroom sitting on the commode.
The woman told them she really needed to use the bathroom but just couldn’t make it happen. One of the firemen told her they would need her to lean sideways so they could examine her and see if there was something obstructing her from being able to accomplish this.
When she leaned sideways and they examined her, they saw the head of a baby about to be born. They told her not to push, but she told them she needed to. She had no idea she was pregnant.
The firemen tried to decide which one of them was going to deliver the baby. Lebrec said he decided to do it, put on gloves and delivered a healthy baby boy for her.
All in a day’s work for firemen.

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