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Vacations can mean a chance to travel

Guest Columnist

Vacations usually mean that we leave work behind for a pleasure trip somewhere where we can do nothing but what we really want to do.
Leaving home for a week or more takes some work to get ready. Never mind putting all this stuff together to bring it home.
For some reason or another, what you brought seems to have grown when you try packing it up again. And leaving for the trip was exciting but the ride home takes much more time, and it seems to take longer and longer to get there.
Escaping the daily grind is supposed to be good for your mind and body. I read somewhere that people are actually happier the week before a vacation than any other time.
With me, all this depended on where we were going and how long we would be gone.
For years a beach vacation was our destination each July. I dreaded the trip.
After an overcast day at Dania Beach, where I played in the sand and water with the family and suffered sunburn the rest of the week, I discovered that just being on the beach can give you a blister, whether the sun shines or not.
And it wasn’t worth it to be on the beach. After that I stayed on the front deck watching the rest of the family play in the water or stretched out in the sand. I read many books and usually had food ready when those who sunbathed came in to eat.
After my first trip with a group to see something other than the ocean, I was ready to do some traveling.
There’s much to do and more to be seen when you move in the right direction.
We had several trips where we traveled with tour groups and liked it very much. There’s something to be said about having everything taken care of while you traveled a scenic route with stops at historic sites that you never knew were there.
Long bus rides gives you a chance to make new friends when headed for places you’ve only read about. After the boat ride at Niagara Falls, Broadway shows take second place to Ellis Island and a night ride through Washington, D.C. where all the lights in government buildings appear to have been left on for public viewing.
There were other planned trips that we took advantage of and many we missed that we would have liked, but age crept in and home looked better and better.
I was reminded of the days when traveling looked good when I received the letter last week from an old friend inviting us to join him on a trip to Emerald Island.
I remember Daniel Hannemann and his music and he was missed when he moved to Virginia several years ago. He now serves as associate in ministry at Grace Lutheran Church in Winchester and hosts travel groups.
The brochure on this trip to Ireland puts me to dreaming again about all that’s waiting or maybe, as Daniel says, a chance “to kiss the Blarney Stone or find my own pot of gold.”
Thanks, Daniel, for the invite. I know it would be a good trip but I have to decline the chance to kiss the Blarney Stone and be happy with what’s going on around here.
Vacations and travel are for those who can pack in a hurry and keep up with the crowd.
We count our blessings and sometimes think maybe we already kissed a lucky stone.

Kathryn Yarbro is former managing editor of the Lincoln Times-News.

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