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Teen singer hitting the road for concerts

Singer and North Lincoln High School student Camryn Wilson.

Singer and North Lincoln High School student Camryn Wilson.

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Camryn Wilson is quiet when engaged in every day conversation, but ask the 15-year-old North Lincoln High School student to sing, and she gets a glimmer in her eye.
What began with a chance meeting with international superstar Katy Perry six years ago has turned into a passion that is already taking the up-and-coming singer to concerts in Florida and Pennsylvania.
“When she got into school, she was real quiet and shy and nobody ever knew that she could do this,” said Camryn’s mother, Lisa Wilson. “She started with her vocal lessons about three years ago and started coming out of her shell.”
Camryn was encouraged to let her talent shine by friends and family, and she entered a singing contest in Charlotte called Carolina Singing Star in August 2013, where she met fellow local rising star Austin Porter. Not only did Porter congratulate her on a job well done, but he gave her information for his producer, Jus K, out of Charlotte.
“I met Jus K at Austin’s and I saw his work so we went the next day,” Camryn said. “He heard me sing and started talking about the vocals and when I would want to start recording.”
A week later, Camryn stepped in the studio to record her first song, a cover of “Rolling in the Deep” by Adele. It was while in the studio that Camryn realized she wanted to sing professionally. A duet with Austin Porter in the studio exposed her to a fan base on social media that began following her and taking an interest in her music, but it wasn’t just fans. A promoter for a concert in Florida took notice of Camryn.
On July 26, Camryn will be one of the performers for the Teen’s Turnt Up Tour, taking place in Tallahassee, Florida. A concert for up-and-coming stars, Camryn was also invited to participate in an anti-bullying tour taking place in Philadelphia in August.
Camryn describes her musical style a pop/country, a genre that has been dominated by artists like Taylor Swift. While the role models in modern music have erred on the side of lacking in decorum, Camryn makes it clear to herself, her family and her potential fans that the price of fame is not her dignity.
“I don’t care what people think,” she said. “I’m a goodie-two-shoes and I believe that will continue. I really don’t think wearing less clothes will get me more attention. I’m not the party person or the drug person that tries to get people’s attention with less clothes or trashy music.”
“You can go out and do all of those things and get attention for a little while but in the end, you have nothing to stand on,” Lisa said.
Both Camryn’s mother and her producer err on the side of conservative when it comes to Camryn’s music career and according to Camryn, she likes it that way.
“I surround myself with good people,” Camryn said.
Positive messaging is really at the heart of what Camryn wants to do when it comes to her music. In an age of cyber-bullying and body shaming, Camryn is not shy about having been bullied before and how she would address the subject should a fan reach out.
“I’ve had insecurities with myself…and I didn’t have many friends that were true friends,” she said. “But then I found a true friend that was confident in herself. If somebody asked me for advice, I would say just don’t care what other people say.”
Though her career is still budding, she hopes it takes off so that she can use her talent to make other people smile.
For more information on Camryn’s music, visit www.camrynwilsonmusic.com.

Image courtesy of Jaclyn Anthony / Lincoln Times-News

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