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Summertime and many ‘mater sandwiches

Guest Colunist

Don’t you just love summertime? Cooking and keeping house just gets easier not to do when July arrives and we tell ourselves that it’s too hot to do much of anything.
Lunch gets easy when those big red juicy tomatoes hit gardens and the market. The ‘mater needs to be big enough when you slice it to almost cover a piece of fresh white bread spread generously with Duke’s mayonnaise.
This sandwich should drip as you eat it over the kitchen sink and lunch will never be the same. You can do this as many days of the week that you don’t want to cook and you will never tire of it.
We had some friends in for a simple lunch, and by that I mean pinto beans, yeast rolls and a plate of tomatoes and onions. He broke his hot roll, added a slice of onion and tomato and asked for the mayonnaise.
He closed his eyes and said nothing would ever be better than this biscuit.
Some of us can eat tomatoes many different ways.
Come wintertime, we will talk about this treat until next summer when the sun again heats up the tomato patches.
Housework doesn’t go away with cold weather. It just gets easier to put it off when a slow breeze beckons us to the sun porch to finish off that really good book.
No air-conditioning on the sun porch, just windows up for the breeze. There’s just something about the fresh air that feels better when it flows through the room.
When I tire of reading I put the book aside and watch the birds and squirrels go from one tree to the other. It sounds boring when I think of how much I watch those pesky little animals, but I never tire of seeing how they climb and swing upside down, or clutch an iron pole while trying again to gain entry into the bird feeder.
The birds in our backyard are also worth watching. I love the bluebirds and cardinals and we have many flying around.
Nothing is as colorful as a bluebird in flight. I watch as they go from limb to limb and sail away. Cardinals always stop at the feeder before they leave for higher limbs.
That old song, Summer time and the living is easy, rings true, until the real reason for living hits with some heavy housework and tomato sandwiches no longer fit the dinner menu.

Kathryn Yarbro is former managing editor of the Lincoln Times-News.

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