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Politicians shouldn’t play dirty just to get elected

The article in today’s Lincoln Times-News regarding Jason Saine’s use of Rosemary Hubbard’s name on several websites is very disturbing to me. This practice might not be illegal (I have no idea about that), but perhaps it should be! It seems to me practices such as this might contribute to voter apathy in our country today. It may also a reason good people are reluctant to run for public office. After all, good people do what is right, fair and ethical, and I doubt they would consider using another person’s web domain right, fair or ethical.
Even your own requirements for letters to the editor state, “Although we welcome correspondence from readers, we cannot guarantee that any submission will be chosen. Among the items that may be rejected automatically are those…false or misleading statements of fact.” So, following this policy, had I chosen to use Jason Saine’s name in this letter, you would not have printed it – correct?
Not only am I disturbed by the use of Hubbard’s name without her permission, I am also disturbed by the reaction and response of her opponent in this race. It came across to me as what my generation would call “uppity,” as well as rude and disrespectful, certainly none of the characteristics I want in an elected official who is supposed to represent me. I do not think it goes by the Golden Rule of “doing unto others what you would have them do unto you.”
It was also disturbing to read the responses to this situation from people who are involved in political campaigns that indicate this practice is not only acceptable, but also expected. No wonder there is voter apathy in our country today. We have gone from a country that had respectable, honorable founding fathers, to a country that expects and encourages our candidates for political office to be sneaky and underhanded. And we even say, this is the way to run a campaign!
Mr. Gebelein, I fear you lost me with your editorial when you actually put some of the blame on Mrs. Hubbard for not protecting herself! How disgusting it is that in order for a candidate to run for public office today, there are people who actually believe they must lower their standards, get down in the dirt and play dirty to win the election. I don’t buy that and know I never will. Winning at all costs is not winning in my book.
Shame on us if this is what we accept today in the elections of our public officials. We may not have as much influence or input in our national elections, but by golly, we can continue to have a great deal of influence in our local elections and we should never settle for unethical or unfair practices. Rosemary Hubbard has my vote! She would be a representative I would be proud to have representing me!
Betty Allen

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