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Our View — Stay out of the kitchen

This is American politics.
Type “www.rosemaryhubbard.com” into your web browser and you would expect to be taken to a site for Democrat state House of Representatives challenger Rosemary Hubbard.
Instead, you’re redirected to the official campaign website for Republican incumbent Jason Saine — Hubbard’s opponent in the November general election.
Is it underhanded? Yes.
Is it the kind of political trickery that turns many people off of the process as a whole? Yes.
Is it legal? Yes.
High-ranking officials from the state Board of Elections said Saine’s campaign hasn’t violated any North Carolina elections laws and that they have not yet received a formal complaint.
It’s not the most ethical thing in the world, but this isn’t hopscotch — this is American politics.
And given that this is American politics, Hubbard can be blamed for not protecting herself just as much as Saine can be blamed for buying domain names. Neither move is real bright.
Politics is a cutthroat business, and anyone who has spent any time within the business or documenting it will tell you that there isn’t much that’s sacred.
But co-opting domain names related to Hubbard wasn’t even necessary. Lincoln County is so heavily Republican that Saine’s victory in November was, and probably still is, all but certain. All it does is make Saine look like the consummate politician — someone who’s willing to do just about anything to get re-elected.
This is the reality of American politics. If you don’t like it, say so with your vote. Or take a hike.

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