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Column: Really, officer, I didn’t call 911!

Guest columnist

When I asked Linda Goodson what was a moment she would never forget, she told me this:
“One Saturday morning I was calling our daughter, who lives in Raleigh. I had just starting dialing the number when my husband, not realizing I was making a phone call, asked me a question. I was trying to dial the number, answer him at the same time and I forgot how many digits I had dialed. I told him he caused me to forget what I was dialing and I was going to have to start over. I redialed my daughter’s number and we had a nice long conversation.
“I had not been off the telephone long when a Lincoln County deputy turned into our driveway. He was driving like he was in a big hurry. My husband said, ‘I wonder why he’s coming here?’
“The deputy started loudly banging on our back door. My husband went to the door and the deputy immediately stepped into the house without us asking him in.
“In a gruff voice he informed us someone from this house called 911. We assured him that neither one of us had made that call.
“In a very stern and unfriendly voice the deputy said, ‘A call was placed to 911 from this house.’ I insisted we hadn’t made the call. I told him I had been on the phone talking with my daughter but I didn’t dial 911.
“The deputy said he knew I had been on the phone because he had been trying to call this number while on his way here.
“At that moment I told the officer I remembered when placing the call to my daughter I had to redial the number. I must have accidentally dialed 911, rather than 919, which is the area code where my daughter and her family live. I assume at the command center they heard what I said to my husband and thought we were having some kind of domestic problem. I felt sure the officer was looking me over for scratches, a bloody nose, a black eye or any other evidence of domestic abuse. The fact that we denied calling 911 had made him even more suspicious.
“The deputy reluctantly accepted my explanation and realized no one at our address was in need of help. I apologized for the inconvenience I had accidentally caused. “After the deputy left, I cannot remember if we were in shock or had a good laugh! I think shock would describe it best.”
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